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zero gravity reclining chairs pair
RV camping chairs need to be portable, comfortable and durable. We found the 12 best RV camping chairs so you can enjoy an epic outdoor experience.
best rv surge protectors 2024

Are you an RV enthusiast gearing up for your next adventure on the open road? If so, you know the importance of protecting your investment from unexpected electrical surges. That’s where RV surge protectors come into play. In this guide, we’ll explore the top surge protectors for 2024, with a spotlight on why Hughes Power Watchdog stands out among the competition.

Why Do You Need an RV Surge Protector?

Before we dive into the best options on the market, let’s quickly touch on why RV surge protectors are a must-have for any road warrior. Electrical surges can wreak havoc on your RV’s delicate electronic systems, potentially causing expensive damage. Surge protectors act as a barrier between your RV and the unpredictable electrical grid, shielding your appliances and gadgets from harm.

Top RV Surge Protectors for 2024

  • Hughes Power Watchdog: Leading the pack is the Hughes Power Watchdog series. These [...]

Transform your homestead, garden or campsite with this simple addition – the Making Memories Once Campsite At A Time banner. Made with lightweight yet highly durable poly poplin-canvas fabric, these banners come 12” × 18” and feature a top sleeve for easy placement on poles. Design is printed on both sides of the flag.

  • 100% Poly poplin-canvas fabric
  • 12” × 18”
  • Same design printed on both sides, flag flipped over long edge
  • Black inside lining
  • Features sleeve at top
  • Pole, hooks, or fasteners are not included

This Sewer Hose Kit From Duraflex Is Designed With A Tough, Plastic-Ribbed Hose And Necessary Components For Dependable Hook-Up. The resilient heavy gauge Polypropylene ribbing helps Hold Its Shape When Positioned And recovers well from having been stepped on. Our Twist-Lock hose ends Swivel For A Quick and easy Connection To The Dump Station. The Detachable Clear Elbow allows Easy Monitoring, and includes threaded pipe adapters for 3 Inch, 3-1/2 Inch and 4 Inch drain pipes. Twist lock Drip Caps Are Also included For Cleaner, Dryer Storage. Our hoses and drip caps can be used with most common brands of bayonet style hoses.

  • Rugged UV Stabilized Hose For Long Life
  • Holds Position For Superior Drainage
  • Collapses For Ease Of Storage
  • Tough, 24 Mil Polypropylene Reinforced With Durable 100 Mil Ribbing, Withstands Abrasions
  • Twist-Lock Fittings With Gaskets
  • Clear Elbow Shows When Tank Is Empty
  • Pliable Hose, Recovers From Being Crushed
  • Hose Structured On The Outside [...]

MAXXAIR 00-933075 MAXXAIR II Vent Cover – Black

"The most advanced cover ever, available in the same popular colors as the original vent cover.
With the Maxxair II Vent Cover, you can enjoy the benefits of improved air circulation and temperature control within your RV, while the black exterior adds a touch of modern elegance to your vehicle's appearance.
maxair ii vent cover white


Elevate your RV or motorhome ventilation system with the Maxxair II Vent Cover in striking WHITE. This meticulously designed cover seamlessly combines functionality and style to enhance your outdoor experience.

Crafted with precision, the Maxxair II Vent Cover provides optimal airflow while preventing rain, debris, and harsh UV rays from entering your vehicle. The sleek black finish not only complements the aesthetics of your recreational vehicle but also adds a touch of sophistication.

Designed for easy installation, this vent cover ensures a hassle-free upgrade to your existing ventilation system. Its durable construction guarantees long-lasting performance, making it a reliable choice for both seasoned travelers and outdoor enthusiasts. The robust build protects your vents from the elements, promoting a well-ventilated interior without compromising on durability.

With the Maxxair II Vent Cover, you can enjoy the benefits of improved air circulation and temperature control within your RV, while the black exterior adds [...]


Introducing the X-Chock Tire Locking Chocks, your ultimate solution for stabilizing and securing your RV or trailer with unparalleled ease. Designed for both convenience and reliability, this 2-Pack offers a powerful tandem chocking system that ensures a rock-solid foundation, giving you peace of mind wherever your adventures take you.

Crafted with durability in mind, the X-Chock Tire Locking Chocks feature a robust, rust-resistant construction that stands up to the rigors of the road. The chocks effectively prevent tandem-tire movement, eliminating those unsettling shakes and wobbles when parked. Enjoy a stable and secure environment in your recreational vehicle, allowing you to relax and fully embrace the beauty of your surroundings.

One of the standout features of the X-Chock is its user-friendly design. The simple ratchet mechanism allows for effortless installation and removal, saving you valuable time and effort during setup and breakdown. The chocks are adjustable to accommodate varying tire widths, providing versatility for a wide [...]

rv lap sealant white
Trust the Name the Pros Use

When it comes to repairing and maintaining your RV’s roof, windows, vents or doors, look no further than Alpha Systems. Exclusively distributed by Lippertâ„¢, the Alpha lineup of adhesives, sealants, tapes and roofing kits are specifically formulated to work together as a holistic system for your RV. Our 1021, self-leveling lap sealant is a must-have when repairing flat surfaces like your RV’s roof, and around roofing structures like antennas, vents, skylights and more. This RV self-leveling sealant is the perfect solution for rubber, metal or fiberglass RV roofs. Plus, once it’s fully cured, it can hold up against the shock, vibrations, and stress of outdoor transportation. All so you can travel without worrying about a leaking roof.

What’s Included

The 1021 self-leveling lap sealant comes in a single tube and is available in white, beige, gray or almond color options.

Everything You Need for Your RV, Under One Roof [...]
red wheel chock

Keep your trailer or RV in place with this wheel chock. Chock measures 7″ long x 4-1/4″ wide x 5″ tall. Nylon cord makes it easy to remove chock. Red color stands out so you don’t forget about it.


  • Wheel chock helps prevent your trailer from rolling when it’s parked
    • Perfect for RVs, travel trailers, and 5th-wheel trailers
  • Integrated grooves grip your tires for added stability
  • Nylon cord makes it fast and easy to remove chock
  • Durable, polyethylene construction for strength and stability
  • Distinctive red color catches your eye


  • Quantity: 1 wheel chock
  • Wheel chock dimensions: 7″ long x 4-1/4″ wide x 5″ tall
  • 1-Year warranty

A10-0908 Valterra Wheel Chock – Red

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