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zero gravity reclining chairs pair
RV camping chairs need to be portable, comfortable and durable. We found the 12 best RV camping chairs so you can enjoy an epic outdoor experience.
best rv surge protectors 2024

Are you an RV enthusiast gearing up for your next adventure on the open road? If so, you know the importance of protecting your investment from unexpected electrical surges. That’s where RV surge protectors come into play. In this guide, we’ll explore the top surge protectors for 2024, with a spotlight on why Hughes Power Watchdog stands out among the competition.

Why Do You Need an RV Surge Protector?

Before we dive into the best options on the market, let’s quickly touch on why RV surge protectors are a must-have for any road warrior. Electrical surges can wreak havoc on your RV’s delicate electronic systems, potentially causing expensive damage. Surge protectors act as a barrier between your RV and the unpredictable electrical grid, shielding your appliances and gadgets from harm.

Top RV Surge Protectors for 2024

  • Hughes Power Watchdog: Leading the pack is the Hughes Power Watchdog series. These [...]
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When it comes to RV electrical service, there is a major difference between 30 amp and 50 amp options. A 30 amp service typically comes with a 3-prong plug on the power cord and is used for RVs that don’t require a lot of electricity. This type of service has a maximum wattage of 3,600 watts, or 120-volts multiplied by 30-amps. On the other hand, a 50 amp service has a 4-prong plug and is most often used on larger RVs that require more electricity. This type of service has a maximum wattage of 12,000 watts, or 120-volts multiplied by 50-amps.

When a 50 amp RV is plugged into a power pedestal, there are two 50-amp, 120-volt hot wires, [...]

winnebago campers at new world rv in paducah, kyExploring the Open Road with New 2023 Winnebago Travel Trailers

Are you looking to hit the open road and explore the world from the comfort of your own home? If so, you won’t want to miss out on the brand-new 2023 Winnebago travel trailers available at New World RV. Winnebago Voyage CamperWinnebago has been a trusted name in recreational vehicles for decades, and the new 2023 models are no exception.

These travel trailers are designed to make your trip as comfortable as possible. With a range of features like spacious interiors, climate control, and plenty of storage, you’ll have everything you need to make your travels a breeze. The Winnebago trailers also feature luxury amenities like flat-screen TVs, fireplaces, and full-size kitchens, so you can enjoy all the comforts of home while on [...]

Land Between the Lakes (LBL) is a popular RV camping destination in the United States. Located in Western Kentucky and Tennessee, this National Recreation Area encompasses nearly 170,000 acres of forests, wetlands, and open meadows. It has become a popular destination for RVers from all over the country thanks to its diverse terrain, stunning scenery, and abundance of recreational activities.

LBL is a great place for RVers of all experience levels. There are plenty of camping areas to choose from, whether you’re looking for a primitive campsite or a full-service RV park. Many of these camping sites are located near the lake, providing easy access to all the lake activities, such as fishing, boating, and swimming. There are also plenty of trails for hiking and biking, as well as many sites to explore.

The area also features a variety of wildlife, making it a great destination for bird watching [...]

Lippert All weather patio matsIntroducing the Lippert All Weather Patio Mat!

Are you looking for an outdoor patio mat that can withstand any weather condition? Look no further than the Lippert All Weather Patio Mat! This durable and stylish patio mat is perfect for any outdoor space.
rv patio mat options
The Lippert All Weather Patio Mat is constructed of high-quality materials that can withstand any weather condition. The mat features a unique design that is both stylish and functional. The mat is also UV-resistant and stain-resistant, so it will look great for years to come.
The Lippert All Weather Patio Mat is easy to install and maintain. It can be used on any surface and is designed to be low-maintenance. The mat is also extremely durable, so it will last for years to come.
The Lippert [...]

Are you looking for a backup camera, monitor, and system for your camper? Look no further than the Furrion Vision S Wireless Backup System available at New World RV in Paducah, KY. This system is the perfect solution for backing a camper, as it provides everything you need to safely and confidently maneuver your camper into tight spaces.

The Furrion Vision S Wireless Backup System includes a 5-inch wireless monitor, a wireless backup camera, and a wireless transmitter. The wireless monitor is designed to be mounted on the dashboard of your camper, and it displays a clear image of the area behind your camper. The wireless backup camera is designed to be mounted on the rear of your camper and provides a wide-angle view of the area behind your camper. The wireless transmitter ensures that the [...]

Camping is an exciting and fun way to explore the outdoors and enjoy nature. However, it can be difficult to find a place to dispose of the waste you generate while camping – especially if you’re in a remote location. This is where having a portable waste tank can be incredibly helpful.

Tote-N-Stor is a brand of portable waste tanks available New World RV. These tanks are designed to be easy to transport and set up, and they offer a convenient way to store and dispose of waste while camping. The tanks come in a variety of sizes and shapes, so you can find one that meets your needs.

Tote-N-Stor portable waste tanks are made from high-quality materials and are designed to be durable and long-lasting. They are also designed to be easy to clean and maintain, [...]

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