RV Service – Tow Ready Package

Brake Control & Weight Distribution Hitch & Sway Control

How do you get YOUR vehicle Ready to Tow?

DON’T WORRY, we will get your vehicle ready for you with our Tow Ready Package!

Yes, we offer a complete tow ready package that will include the following:  brake control & wiring (installed), weight distribution hitch (installed), and a sway control (installed).  All that we need is the make and model of your vehicle and we will take it from there!  There is no need for you to stress over the safety of towing your RV or trailer.  We are VERY experienced and we will get you set up in a jiffy!


tow ready kit
Tow Ready Free Install
reese pod brake control
weight distribution hitch
sway control

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Reese Brake Controller

  • 1 to 2 axle trailers
  • Solid state electronics
  • Power-on LED for a positive tow vehicle-to-trailer connection
  • “Up- front” manual over-ride control
  • Rugged, easy mount chassis
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Smooth and simple installation
  • 5 year limited warranty

Weight Distribution Hitch

  • Balances weight between trailer and tow vehicle.
  • Creates smoother ride.
  • Keeps tow vehicle level.
  • Minimizes fishtailing.
  • Durable black powder coated finish.
  • Rugged steel construction.
  • Tapered round bar design.
  • Adjustable Hy Low shank provided.

Sway Control

  • Reduces sway in towed vehicles.
  • Rugged steel construction.
  • Tough powder-coated steel.
  • Quick attachment to trailer frame and ball mount.
  • Resists sway caused by wind or other vehicles.
  • Minimizes fishtailing.

Our Tow Ready Package is guaranteed to make your towing experiences that much better!  If you are concerned that you are not going to be comfortable in towing a trailer or RV, this package is for YOU!  This package will eliminate the sway as well as the pushing & pulling that you may be experiencing.  Not only will this package help you to tow your trailer or RV, but this tow ready package will also extend the life of your tow vehicle!

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