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a powerful combination of premium features and an attractive price

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – Thetford is launching into the spring by introducing Titan, its new sewer hose system, the company announced today.

“Titan will provide RVers with a powerful combination of premium features and an attractive price,” said Thetford Director of Marketing Andy Bialorucki. “The product sets itself apart from the competition at every turn, right down to its highly recognizable bright green fittings and packaging.”

In Titan, Thetford engineers have provided RVers with these features in a sewer hose:

Titan is virtually uncrushable — Built with Thetford’s proprietary TPE (thermal plastic elastomer), Titan provides a high degree of puncture and abrasion resistance to avoid annoying pinhole leaks. It also excels in extreme temperatures, the release explained.
Titan is easy to align — Featuring the Revolve Universal Sewer Adapter, Titan makes it easy to manage sewer connections. The adapter fits virtually all sewer hookups and its revolving head allows a straight connection to the RV outlet.
Titan is translucent — That allows users to see – not guess – when the tank is done emptying. The handle keeps hand away from a potentially messy sewer port while locking in the adapter.
Titan is ergonomic — Designed to be easy to use, Titan’s proprietary ExtendGrip fitting that connects to the RV provides a larger area for handling.
Titan has drip-proof end caps — When Titan is stored inside the RV, the secure end caps will ensure that there are no messy drips.

Made in the U.S.A, the Titan kit includes a 15-foot long sewer hose, pre-attached bayonet fittings, the Revolve Universal Sewer Adapter and two end caps. RVers will also be able to purchase a 10-foot extension hose with pre-attached fittings that can extend the 15-foot hose or be used on its own.

RVers who want to see Titan in action can view a video of the features that set it apart from the competition. The video, available to any device connected to the Internet, can be viewed by clicking here.

“Seeing is believing,” said Bialorucki, “and this video quickly and clearly illustrates why RVers should look for Titan and its bright green packaging when purchasing a sewer hose system.”

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Source: Thetford introduces Titan RV sewer hose | RV Daily Report

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