How To Make A S’mores Roaster From A Recycled Drink Can


We’ve all been there, holding our marshmallow roasting s’mores when suddenly it catches on fire. What, are you supposed to settle and eat that charred black mess? No way. You deserve s’mores that have been cooked to perfection. But as impossible as it sounds, you can make delicious melty s’mores every time using this DIY roaster made from an empty 16-ounce aluminum can.

This clever hack comes from Grant Thomas on Youtube. He transformed this washed-out Mike’s Hard Lemonade can into a simple s’mores roaster (though you can use any beverage as long as the can is aluminum and holds 16 ounces).

Not to mention it’s quick and easy to make. Using scissors, cut off about ¼ of the bottom of the can, flatten out the rest using a matchbox, add a couple of slits for legs (to hold it up), skewer holes, and voilà!

It’s then ready to be loaded with graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows. You can place the roaster by the fire, hold it over the fire, set it on the grill, or even use your hairdryer at home to bake the inside.

Now that is genius. Do you have any other tips for making the perfect s’mores? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: How To Make A S’mores Roaster From A Recycled Drink Can

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