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  • By John Gaver
    Certified RV inspector

When buying a new or used RV, one of the most important things to do, is inspect the roof. After all, the roof is where most leaks begin and that’s where to look for signs of moisture intrusion, which you will follow up by looking inside the coach.

You’ll also want to look at the air conditioners, antennas, and other equipment on the roof. But getting on the roof requires that you use a ladder.

King Tailgater Satellite quick release roof-mount fixture

Turn your tailgater satellite into a permanent roof mounted system, and vice versa
Tailgater satellite mount

BLOOMINGTON, Minn. — The King Tailgater satellite Quick Release Roof Mount Kit allows you to turn your King antenna into a roof-mounted system and then into a portable antenna in seconds, a release from the company stated.

Designed for RV and travel trailers, the Quick Release Roof Mount provides a permanent, secure base for mounting your King Tailgater or King Quest satellite antenna, but also offers the flexibility of removing the antenna for storage or to provide a clear line of sight to the satellite without having to reposition your vehicle.

Tailgater satellite mount“Our quick-release mount is another first of its kind innovation from King and has gotten an enthusiastic response from our customers. Once installed, the quick-release mount requires no tools to mount or release a King satellite antenna and it was designed to be...

Winegard introduces ConnecT Wi-Fi extender

BURLINGTON, Iowa — Winegard today introduced the Winegard ConnecT RV Internet WiFi Extender.

The Winegard ConnecT turns Wi-Fi dead zones into entertainment zones, the release noted, adding that the new Winegard ConnecT helps people keep mobile devices, media players, and computers connected to WiFi where others can’t.

“Get ready for a consistent, reliable connection, and expanded coverage wherever the road may take you,” said Keith Larson, director of sales and marketing for Winegard RV Products.

Designed for the mobile environment, the Winegard ConnecT increases the range of existing Wi-Fi hotspots. This long-range, high-performance Wi-Fi extender captures available Wi-Fi signal and re-broadcasts it through the RV for a secure connection at the fastest speed available.

“One of the amenities people care most about when selecting an...

Today, RV tires are the topic.

Checking RV Tire Pressure On Motorhomes
RV Tire Maintenance

Did you know that your RV tires will normally lose one to two pounds of air pressure per month? Did you know that for every 10 degree change in temperature your motorhome tires air pressure changes by one PSI (pounds per square inch)?

Proper air pressure is the most important thing you can do to help your RV tires wear longer, save fuel and improve the handling of your motorhome. Before you hit the road, you need to make sure your motorhome tires are ready to roll. In order to check the motorhome tires you need a pressure gauge, which reads PSI.

5 Under $50: Little RV Items that Make a Big Difference

Find All Your RV Accessories at New World RV

There is no shortage of gear available to the RV enthusiast. You could go broke stocking up on all of the gadgets that some consider absolutely necessary for an enjoyable RV trip.

But over the years, we’ve found it’s the little things that make a big difference in our travels. Some items we use over and over again, whether on fall weekend trips or month-long summer adventures.

Here are five inexpensive products that you will always find in our RV. They don’t cost a lot of money, but offer lots of bang for the buck.

Thetford introduces Titan RV sewer hose | RV Daily Report

a powerful combination of premium features and an attractive price

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – Thetford is launching into the spring by introducing Titan, its new sewer hose system, the company announced today.

“Titan will provide RVers with a powerful combination of premium features and an attractive price,” said Thetford Director of Marketing Andy Bialorucki. “The product sets itself apart from the competition at every turn, right down to its highly recognizable bright green fittings and packaging.”

In Titan, Thetford engineers have provided RVers with these features in a sewer hose:

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