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Dog in an RV


54% of RVers bring pets on the road with them*. With this in mind, we wanted to share some tips and advice to help you and your four-legged companions better experience the RV lifestyle together.

So whether you’re a dog lover or more of a cat person, you’ll find information that will ensure you and your furry friends safely enjoy your next journey.

We’ve got another free guide for you – 50 Quick RV Tips.

Throughout our nearly seven years on the road, we’ve constantly been testing new gadgets, gizmos, and ideas to improve our RV Lifestyle. We’ve
also had the great benefit of talking to lots of other RVers and seeing what innovations they’ve made to improve their rigs!

In this guide we’ll show you some of the ideas that we’ve seen and used that you can take to improve your own RV Lifestyle.

It’s aimed at helping you improve all aspects of your RV experience and it covers everything from helping to improve your storage and space organization in your rig, to cleaning tips, food and cooking tips, and traveling tips.

Source: 50 Quick RV Tips every RVer can use

By Sharee Collier

Throughout our time living in the RV, the subject of many conversations has been the sewer tanks. Learning how to dump them was the first lesson and how to keep them from smelling was the second.

After graduating from what seemed like RV Sewer Tanks 101, we’re now learning how to unclog them, when you treat them badly.

family to visit to every national park

From Fox2 News:

JACKSON, Mich. — A Michigan family has arguably become one of the most traveled families in the United States, and it could earn them a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records.


Do It Yourself RV has featured several ways you can use an inexpensive 5-gallon bucket while camping. However, the 5-gallon bucket is one of those handy items that should be part of every RV packing list.

For around $3 you can pick up the ubiquitous Homer bucket from Home Depot, or choose from a variety of other buckets on Amazon for these five camping projects.


We’ve all been there, holding our marshmallow roasting s’mores when suddenly it catches on fire. What, are you supposed to settle and eat that charred black mess? No way. You deserve s’mores that have been cooked to perfection. But as impossible as it sounds, you can make delicious melty s’mores every time using this DIY roaster made from an empty 16-ounce aluminum can.

In spite of the fact that Thanksgiving is generally about investing energy with family and companions, the heavenly nourishment’s served on this occasion are certainly something that we as a whole anticipate.



When many people think about RVing they think of parking next to the lake for a weekend of fishing or heading to the mountains for hiking, but RVing is also the perfect way to get out and explore North America’s rich history.

Night Driving Tips: Safety Tips For Driving At Night

5 Tips To Improve Your Night Driving Safety

Nighttime travel, particularly along remote roads where obstacles and wildlife may be found, can be treacherous.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that nighttime driving fatalities occur three times more frequently than that of daytime driving.


Most people think that traveling by RV is a summer activity. While RVs are excellent for your summertime adventures, there are many reasons to keep your motorhome in operation when the weather starts to cool down. If you have never considered taking your RV on an autumn trip, then you do not know what you are missing.

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